Become a Council Member

Catholic School Councils are advisory bodies made up of a group of enthusiastic volunteers who have a desire to get involved and make a difference.

Who is eligible to be a school council member?

Any parent or guardian of a child enrolled at Sir Richard W. Scott is eligible (max.17). A representative of parents who reflect the diversity of our population is needed.

How long is the term?

Successful candidates hold their elected position for a term of one year.

What are council members responsible for?

Responsibilities of a Catholic School Council member are:

  • Encourage parents, legal guardians, and teachers to participate in the Council and work together with the school for the benefit of the students
  • To support the school’s School Improvement Plan goals and the four goals of the Board Improvement Plan for Student Achievement : Catholic Faith, Community & Culture; Literacy; Numeracy; Programs & Pathways
  • To make recommendations to the Principal and, where appropriate, the School Board
  • Ensure that funds raised by or through Council are used in accordance with applicable Board policies
  • To contribute regularly at Council meetings (six – eight meetings a year)
  • To support the faith development of the school community
  • To foster and increase parental involvement through volunteer efforts and activities which benefit the school community

Why become a member?

Being a member of council provides you with an opportunity to make recommendations on matters to the school and the school board, and interact with other parents and staff. Council meetings provide you with up to date information on life at Sir Richard W. Scott, board activity and Ministry news.

Input of School Council may include: Parent Engagement, Curriculum and Healthy School Programs, Bullying Prevention Initiatives, School Improvement Plan, etc.

Make a difference in the future of our children! Become an involved partner!